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... and a happy new day

Tonight, on this first evening of the year, if the sky is clear, go outside and look up at the full supermoon -- and celebrate. It's a new day. A new year, even. And if you're into moon lore, check out this fun link, because there's a lot of interesting moon stuff coming in the next 12 months.

Long before there was electricity, we were much more connected to life as it unfolded around us. And while people of all times and places certainly celebrated the significance of special events that returned year after year, we enjoyed ourselves with much less artificially manufactured merriment. I imagine we lived more deliberately, more intentionally, more immediately; and very likely, we felt less obliged, less managed, less manipulated.

Truth is, in spite of calendars, planners, seasonal sales and promotions, in spite of school schedules, two-week vacations and "significant" birthdays, in spite of the way the world around us seems to harangue us into FOMO...the truth is this: you get to decide.

So, sure. The calendar says January 1. It also says 2018. But what does that really mean to you and, more important, why?

It's your life. Create the life you want. You get to call the shots (yes, even when it feels as if that is not so, you DO), so take a breath. Take time to enjoy your life. You are always creating it anyway, whether you know it or not. As my favorite Annie Dillard quote goes, "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." So let that realization settle in. And take control of your choices.

So, whenever you are ready to declare it -- to yourself -- then allow me to join in the celebration and wish you a happy new you.

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