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Fully saturated

Every year, like clockwork, I reach a saturation point about a week before Christmas. I lose all my Christmas spirit, I dwell on all the things I haven't yet done (only today did I decorate my house -- mostly -- and buy a tree), and I worry about shopping for people on my list I suddenly remembered (in spite of going through this every year). I lose my temper with all the other drivers on the road (what are all those out-of-state license plates doing on the Post Road?). I feel tired, tired, tired. And I just want to forget it all. Humbug.

And then it passes. Every year. EVERY Christmas.

I love Christmas. I love giving gifts and receiving them. I love cooking and baking. I love getting and sending cards. My decorations are special to me and I cherish them and love decorating my tree just the way I like it, every year. I love spending time with my family -- they are the best -- and my friends! Everything about this holiday is precious to me. So why does this happen every single year?

The holidays require a lot of us. And if you don't stop to realize just how much, it's very easy to slip into a funk without knowing why. Even the things that make you happy can be demanding. Don't underestimate the pressure caused by things you love to do. Do what you love to do, but remember to take the time for self-care. It is the key to receiving graciously.

Take a moment for yourself. Take more than a moment. Take an afternoon. Take a day. If not before your big holiday event, then after. Take time to care for yourself. The better you take care of your self, the better you can take care of those you love, and the better you can relate to the world around you. I wish you a peaceful, joyful, loving holiday and a week where you actually find a day or more to do nothing for anyone else but yourself. To quote The Beatles, the love you take is equal to the love you make. You can't take love offered by others unless you are able to forge a loving way in this world yourself. You must take care of yourself in order to take care of others, especially when you have reached the saturation point. That's your big clue. Time for a timeout. Time for you. Be well. Give yourself the love of the season.

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