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A return to love

Sometimes we're lucky.

Sometimes we have a place that is special that we can return too and be loved. A place created with dreams, and love, and wishes, and hope, and laughter, and achievements big and small. A place where judgment is replaced with encouragement and dignity. Where children are urged to express themselves and cheered wildly for doing so.

Sometimes we have a place that exists purely because people from all over the world, of all ages, of all walks of life and abilities gather in a common cause. The place itself is secondary, although this place after so many years has become part of the love, part of the dream, part of the magic.

It is pure belief and love that creates this summer camp where I have volunteered for well over a decade. You may have a similar place. A camp. A community. An organization. A family. A home.

A home created by faith and love. I feel lucky to have this place.

"Some call it fun and some may call it madness..." Here we go.

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