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Consonance. How it all hangs together.

In examining the Serenity Prayer over the last three weeks, I realized that a great portion of the appeal of this prayer is the consonance in the word pairs.

Listen: the serenity to accept. Hear how soothing is the softness of the "s" sound. It perfectly suits the tone and nature of the phrase.

Listen: the courage to change. Feel the charge; capture the achievement; treasure the vision. The "zh" and hard "c" sounds are strong, confident and brave.

Listen: the wisdom to know. Wonder at the ways of "w." It comes in on a higher plane of understanding, of communicating, of deep knowing.

There are so many inspiring moments, scents, sounds, touches, and tastes in your life every single day that can easily go unnoticed because of the bigger picture. Take some time this week to look at the minutiae of your life. All those little things coalesce into the bigger thing. And, sure, that bigger thing is a good thing. Definitely.

But look closely at the one small flower in the field you appreciate. Taste the spices in the food you eat. Try to hear each individual instrument in the music you are listening to now. Savor the hug itself and feel the comforting pressure and warmth of the arms around you. Smell the different aromas in all the different places you find yourself in one hour.

You've heard it said "you can't see the forest for the trees." This week, I ask you to see the trees. One by one. And then see the shrubs. And then the undergrowth. And then look again. See the grass. See one blade of grass. See the small ant on that blade. See the earth that giant blade of grass grows from -- that ant's home. Imagine the individual grains of soil that make up the entire earth and how that ant finds its way home.

This week, see the trees. And know that your life is truly a wonder-filled vibrant forest. Your smallest thoughts, words and actions make up the entire Amazon rainforest of your life.

Good and happy health to you this week.

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