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The randomness of life

It's been a wonderful week. That is to say, there's always a lot to wonder at and this week is no different.

I was thinking how small we are really. One person among 7 or 8 billion. One planet among nine (I'm old school). One solar system among I don't know how many and then what? Galaxies? More and more galaxies... You get the point. So, that led me to this wonderful little video.

And then later on in the week, I was thinking of how the world really only exists because I exist (or you). This is the essence of the mandala paradox. Carl Jung told us the mandala expresses the totality of the self. The mandala is both the container and the contained. So, thinking of that small me in that vast, vast universe, well, that's what "contains" me. But I (and you) am the "container" of this whole wonderful, nearly infinite world because I am the one perceiving it. Once I'm gone, then all the world is gone.

Watching a five-year-old sing songs my children sang, lunches, texts, and conversations with all my kids, gardening with my husband, meeting new colleagues, brainstorming new work -- and all the while wondering at this life and it's random connections.

Switching an old fish tank for a new one. Big project. So satisfying. And we both like how it looks.

And then there's turtles on a log. Just sunning. Just being. In the sun. Being. Seemed like a good idea.

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