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Happy New Monday

This is a time when you hear a lot about rebirth, new beginnings and fresh starts. That's what Easter is about. Whether we celebrate new life as a resurrection or deliverance from bondage or divinity and love versus egoism and hate, this is a time of year when we come alive in an almost instinctive, reflexive response to the changes going on around us.

The days begin to grow even longer than the nights now. Early spring flowers bloom and trees begin to bud. The sun warms us with a bit more intensity and promise. A natural urge toward the light asserts itself.

Recognize that you have a unique place in nature. You are a natural being, subject just like the plants and other animals to the stirrings of spring. And, at the same time, you have the capacity to know yourself, to know what mark you leave behind, indeed, to intentionally choose a new beginning. You can choose to express your divinity. You can choose to love and to be compassionate.

And the wonder of it is, you can choose this every day. Whether it's a Monday, or a holiday, or a cold rainy day in November, that doesn't matter. Because you always have the capacity to make a choice to connect with nature, with other people and with your divine self.

Happy spring. Happy Monday. Happy now. Happy self-awareness. Happy compassion. Make choices that make you and the people surrounding you feel happy. Make those choices in every moment. If you do, you'll always have something to celebrate.

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