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Time out!

It's always a pleasure to take time out from what you usually do and do what feels wonderfully like nothing. But it's not nothing. It's just time out. It's just different from your usual time in.

Instead of my usual errands and chores today, I met my sister and we visited a family friend -- one generation older than we are -- who is in rehab. It was relaxed, loving and lovely. Then I spent some time working later in the day, writing, researching through so many of my beloved books with the dogeared pages and underlined copy, also feeling relaxed. It's just time out from my usual time in, if you know what I mean.

I was investigating how to record some of my own meditations on Soundcloud when I meandered down a digital stream of other artists recordings. If you want to take off for 45 minute time-out just for yourself, here's a very peaceful "stroll" I recommend. I purposely keep my letters pretty short for reading, and now here I am sending you a 45-minute stream to wade in. Forgive me. That was my time-out and I offer it to those who also care to participate. If you only have a minute (and 10 seconds), here's a little nature and drumming snippet for a short time-out.

If you have just a little longer, you can take a 10-minute time-out; this one has some words to listen to. It's a version of Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha, the Tibetan chant to the Green Tara, a boddhisatva of compassion in action.

May you have a wonderful week; may you purposefully take some moments of time-out for relaxing and restoring. And then, in the words of Wayne and Garth, game on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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