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The importance of renewal

"Renew thyself completely each day; do it again, and again, and forever again."

It was Thoreau who wrote in Walden in 1845 that this phrase was purported to have been engraved on a bathtub used by Confucius. Wise words from 171 years ago, or from the sixth century BC. Either way, wise words.

We all struggle. Sometimes it's very hard; it's so big that it feels overwhelming. And other times, it's something small. It's over quickly and we're fine and moving on. Life is struggle. Not always, of course. We laugh, live, love and have our happy times. But when we are challenged, it's good to remind ourselves that we've been here before. And we have gotten through it. And we will again.

Because in spite of worrying about what might happen, something -- and quite often it is not at all what we worried it would be -- happens. As my friend Emma told me once, "Meg, something will happen." Wise words indeed. And not from the place of being a wiseguy. Just from a place of knowing that once our plans are in place and we let go of worry and expectations, something simply will happen. Life will go on. It may be exactly as we planned or nothing at all like what we thought it would be. It could be difficult, or challenging just as easily as it could be wonderful or inspiring. We really cannot control the future. Just accepting that and letting go can be such a relief.

So, whatever your goals are, make your plan and then let it go. Because you've planted the seed. And something will happen. And once that's done you can move on. And when the next day comes, make your plan and then let it go. Renew yourself. Renew your plan. Renew your commitment. Renew your promise to yourself.

Reach deep down inside and recognize that part of you which is pure and eternal. That is where your renewal comes from. And you can do it every day. Indeed you must. So do it with love and joy. For yourself. Renew yourself completely. Each day. Again and again. Forever again.

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