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Sometimes the simple answer is best.

Occam's razor: Go for the simplest solution.

There are weeks when I have no idea what to write about. Not that I haven't had a million thoughts or done a dozen things but sometimes, none of that seems appropriate to write about.

So, I go outside and sit under this big oak tree in my little back yard. And I just stare up at it hoping for inspiration. It never takes long.

I love this tree. It's pretty big. I estimate it's 80' tall. I've climbed a 50' tower at my camp and this is definitely taller than that. Anyway, this tree always helps me feel good. Look at the picture -- it's beautiful. And it was a beautiful day in a beautiful little spot.

The tree gives us shade when it's hot in the summer. Yes, we have to endure being dive-bombed by acorns in fall, although oddly, we have years when there are none. I would swear the tree THROWS those nuts at us sometimes. I mean, they come down hard! But by that time it's also feeding squirrels and any other animal that eats those nuts. And all summer, it is providing home and shelter for countless nuthatches, blue jays, mourning doves, woodpeckers and other birds. Year-round, it's a highway for the squirrels who travel its canopy to cross four or five back yards without ever touching the ground.

My oak tree is patient and strong. It endures all seasons without complaint. And every spring, It promises me that there is always hope as it blooms again and again after a hard winter. It always does.

I suppose, eventually, my oak tree will die. Or it may become someone else's oak tree when I die. Either way, it reminds me that none of us really ever owns anything. Every natural thing follows it's natural cycle from seed to re-seed in its own good time. And we are a part of that natural cycle, just as this beautiful, strong. patient, nurturing plant is.

So, when you don't know what to say or do, go sit under a tree. Lean back, look up, take your time and just let it speak to you. And when you do think of something to say or do -- and you will -- keep it simple.

Sometimes, simple is best.

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