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Wait. Still, wait.

There is still more waiting to be done. We are an impatient lot, especially in 2021 with our cell phones and electricity and indoor plumbing and all our modern-life what-not. Like you, and you, and you, I'm so over it. But we aren't there yet. So, we still wait.

There is much in life that is out of our control but that doesn't mean we don't have agency. So, do everything that you can. Control the things that you can. Apply for that job. Ski. Breathe. Wash your hands. Make sourdough starter. Read. Zoom. Call your friend. Learn a language. Read aloud. Walk. Zoom.

And then, let it go. Be patient. Let the rest go. Do right, do your best, and then wait for it. Embrace acceptance. Continue to practice patience.

Years ago, I wrote about this in a similar piece called God is awake, citing Victor Hugo's words that inspired my father to live with lymphoma. And, this week, I thought of the wisdom I learned from my friend Emma who taught me the important lesson of waiting. When I'd fret after I'd done all I could, Emma would say, "Something will happen, Meg."

Emma's right. Victor Hugo is right. We do what we can and then we let it go. We wait.

Do that.


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