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Another week of reflection. I've had many moments, days and weeks of reflection this summer.

To reflect is --

  • to turn away, deflect

  • to turn, throw or bend backward at an angle

  • to cause to rebound or reverberate

  • to bend or fold back

  • to push or lay aside

  • to reproduce or show as a mirror image

  • to bring or cast as a result

  • to show or make manifest

  • to remember with thoughtful consideration

  • to rebound

  • to throw back light or sound

  • to think or consider quietly and calmly

  • to tend to bring reproach

  • to have a bearing or influence

So many ways to reflect. Maybe when you first read the word, you thought you knew what it meant, but now maybe you're thinking -- reflecting -- on the nuanced and varied definitions you'd overlooked or forgotten or minimized.

Take time for reflection in your week ahead. Reflect on what you say, see, hear, think, believe, love. Deepen and widen your appreciation for everyone and everything around you. See yourself reflected. See yourself manifesting. See your influence on the world you encounter. Quiet down.

Peace and love to you in the week ahead.


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