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Check your energy usage

I’ve been thinking about energy for the past few weeks. I had surgery (scheduled and successful) just over two weeks ago and it’s brought my sharp attention to my own energy levels as I press my way on through PT and recovery. Our human bodies react very sensibly and predictably to anything that disrupts homeostasis, from childbirth to root canals to joint replacements and chemotherapy, not to mention migraines or verbal abuse and so many other conditions. During this time, I’ve had all kinds of good wishes directed my way from loved ones – an energetic kind of love and prayer. Then there are the many healers I know who practice reiki, literally universal life energy, who have graciously and intentionally sent me their healing.

Another kind of energy might be on your mind as we all experience these hot summer days, hotter than ever, we’re told. If you have air conditioning, lucky for you. You might be wondering about the cost/benefit ratio of running that AC versus your monthly expenses. On the other hand, if you do not, you might necessarily be laying low as much as possible to conserve your physical and psychic energy.

Yet another thought: you might have a family member or friend or colleague who is an energy vampire. Even if the term is unfamiliar, you’ve likely met someone who just sucks all the energy from the room, who leaves you (and others) feeling depleted, done in, used up. Yeah, that guy. You know him (or her). This is about psychic energy, the mental energy you summon up to be sociable at work or in your community. For the most part, this is easy, especially with friends, where the exchange of energy is, well, energizing. A positive, happy, upward spiral of communal exchange leaves you feeling good about your encounter. An energy vampire is exactly the opposite. All the energy goes one way only. Not good.

According to science, energy is the capacity to do work. In this realm, there are multiple sorts of energy: potential, kinetic, thermal, electric, chemical, nuclear. Also, science tells us that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. It can only be transferred. So, consider energy. It works as an actual scientific fact or a metaphor, doesn’t it?

Given that, here’s my question for you. Where are you exchanging your energy? Are you letting other people take it from you? Are you conserving it – for good reasons? for outdated reasons? Are you expressing your energy in a way that serves you and whatever plan you have today? What is your energy – is it low, medium or high? As one human in this world, you have your own energy. Bestow it wisely. On yourself. Don’t squander it on others at your own expense. Remember Mary Oliver’s admonition.

Alternatively, don’t hoard it. You are here to exchange your energy. It cannot be lost but it doesn’t work if it isn’t exchanged. Check your energy usage this week. Give it a good review. Remember to take care of yourself and those you love. That’s important.


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