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Change is happening

Last week's message garnered a LOT of responses, which makes me think we are all struggling. So, I think it's a good time to suggest some self-care methods.

How can you conserve your energy (like the lead goose in the V formation)? How do you let go?

Number 1. Shut down, turn off, seek silence -- In short, take a break from the news. Social, political, personal. Your computer, your TV, your neighbors and your family. Turn. It. Off. Leave that place. Go away from that place if you must. Walk. Outdoors. In a new place. And see #2.

Number 2. Breathe. Seriously. No woo-woo BS here. No over-the-top hippie stuff. Breathing...slowly, with focus and purpose -- and no other purpose than just breathing...can be remarkably effective even if you "don't know what you're doing." Of course you know. You can breathe. After number one, try number two. Try breathing for two minutes. Set your watch. Just breathe in and breathe out....not big, not deep, just in. And out. Slow down. That's all. No big thing. Like it? Go for three minutes. Four. Five? You can do this. As often as you need to.

Number 3. Check out the things that make you happy. Go to Spotify and say, "Play Taj Mahal," or what ever music makes you smile. Watch a movie --there are a gazillion ways to see old favorites -- that makes you happy or makes you laugh or makes you wonder with joy. Laugh! Laugh out loud. It's easy to find your particular humor on You Tube. It's out there every day.  Even 10 minutes of last night's monologue is enough. Laugh!!! It's really good for you. Go after it. 

Number 4. Remember: This too shall pass. No matter what is happening, this will not last forever. Change is happening all the time.  Even at times when you think nothing is moving, we're so, stuck. that's not true; it is happening. Change is always happening. 

Number 5: If you would like some suggestions to help you cope with the next 22 days, here are three:, As you well know, there are thousands more. Find your tribe. Go there. Spend some time with them. 

How do you let go?  How do you find sanity? Remember, you are not alone. 


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