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You could be swinging from a star

I was going to call this "Holiday Interrupted" because that's what my last week was -- interrupted. Thanksgiving was not what I planned. But, you know what? Interruptions are life's way of saying, "Nothing is certain."

Now, this could make you fearful. You could presume that you have no control over anything and why bother? But I submit, you couldn't be more wrong.

Of course nothing is certain. Stuff happens. That IS life. Your best bet is to 1) know this is true and 2) be prepared. Now, I'm the first to admit that it is disappointing to miss out on an event you looked forward to. Of course. But if you practice for these eventualities, you'll be able to rebound more quickly and adapt to the current situation. So, keep up your practice. It will help you.

In the meantime, as I was driving today one of my favorite radio shows played a set of sing-along songs. And one of them was "Swinging on a Star," the 1944 Oscar winner for Best Original Song. It is such a simple and easy tune to sing along with and understand.

You always have a choice. You can be stubborn and refuse to see, or you can educate yourself and open your mind. You can be rude and have no manners or you can understand that there is a social contract that includes respect and attentiveness. You can be deceitful and a liar or you can be honest. With yourself and others.

Whatever life throws at you, you can educate yourself, listen to opposing points of view, make informed choices, and you could be swinging from a star. Carrying moonbeams home in a jar. Your choice.

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