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Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe in magic? Or wonder? Or mystery?

Why wouldn't anyone believe in magic when you are surrounded by it all the time? Lilacs blooming again. The number 9. Poetry. Death. Children. Animals with us humans. Overcoming tremendous odds. Humanity. People helping other people. Kindness. Resurrection.

Maybe it's magic. Maybe it's your faith or it's the hand of God. Maybe it's just dumb luck. Life if chock full of incredible moments of liminal connection where we realize or sense that there is more than we ordinarily perceive. The time you missed your long deceased mother and smelled her perfume. The time you missed your connection and met someone who later became your mentor. The time you turned left instead of right and wound up meeting your best friend.

Magic is everywhere my friend. Wonder, awe, blessings and the inexplicable are the air you breathe, the steps you take, the things you touch. All you need to do to experience it is to open your heart, open your eyes and just receive.

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