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Now you see it, now you don't.

I’m reading a fascinating book called “Beyond Biocentrism,” by Robert Lanza, MD with Bob Berman. Curious readers will ask, “What’s biocentrism?” but the shrewd ones will wonder, “What’s biocentrism, and why ‘beyond’?”

I missed Lanza’s first book, “Biocentrism,” but I don’t think he’ll mind. And will certainly read it now that I’m nearly finished with this one. Sequence doesn’t matter, as Lanza cleverly and entertainingly points out. There is no time. No past, no future. At least not the way you think of it. I’m telling you – read this book; it’s compelling stuff. Or maybe the first one. I’m sure that’s just as good.

So here’s what biocentrism is: Life and consciousness are fundamental to any true understanding of the universe. Sound obvious? Or simple? Turn it around. Without consciousness, there is no universe. Oh, now that sounds a little more radical. Let’s just look at one mind-blowing fact.

How does vision work? You remember something about rods and cones and light and the retina, right? That rings a bell. So, we look. We see a sunflower or a rabbit or a firecracker and think that thing is yellow, or brown or red. It’s out there. I’m looking at it and I see what it looks like – I see that thing out there. Hmmm. Not exactly. Colors are created by you. Light waves of various lengths hit YOUR eye. Light travels IN; Sight doesn’t travel OUT. Your brain processes what is sent IN. And makes meaning of it. Period. Consciousness.

Think about that. Wow.

Anyway, there’s a lot more in the book. And it’s not philosophy. It’s real science – 20th and 21st century actual fact. The point of all this is, for me, is the importance of knowing that we really can create our life. In fact, we do. So, yes: we still need to eat, relate, pay the electric bill, and turn up the radio. But let your mind take off once in a while – take a holiday, as it were, and today’s a good day to do that – and ponder some of the imponderables that have occupied the minds of our planet’s great thinkers since we’ve been able to do that. Ask your friends what they think.

And, then, enjoy the barbeque!

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