ltr     thing                                                                                                       number                          

A      Average life span in days                                                                  28,835                             

B      Number of words in average American adult's vocabulary        42,000                             

C      Distance to the sun in miles                                                             93,000,000                     

D      Number of thoughts in a lifetime                                                   576,700,000                  

E       Number of heartbeats in a lifetime                                                2,210,000,000             

F       Age of Earth in years                                                                         4,540,000,000              

G      World population                                                                               7,600,000,000             

H      Age of the universe in years                                                            13,722,000,000             

I        Brain cells in average adult human                                                100,000,000,000          

J       Miles in a light year                                                                            5,880,000,000,000       

K       Distance to nearest star (in Alpha Centauri system) in miles    24,925,372,294,893     

L       Cells in a human adult                                                                      40,000,000,000,000   

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